The art of presenting in Figma

Filip Stollar
1 min readJul 12, 2020
Collection of presentation preveiws from

Recently, I fell in love with presenting in Figma. Why you ask? The biggest surprise for me personally was how quick and easy this was. As a product designer, I already spend a lot of time in Figma. Now, all I had to do was create a couple of new pages, and voilà, a presentation was born. No need to launch another app or website, no need to export the assets and upload them, no need to work with a clumsy, slow interface. And as a cherry on top, if you know your way around Figma shortcuts, it makes the process of creating these even faster.

However, after I while a wished there were some templates out there which I can just duplicate and edit, because I always start from scratch. Well, not anymore. Templatery is my small take on fixing this. It’s a collection of free editable Figma templates for presentations which I keep updating.

How does it work

  1. Pick a template in the template gallery
  2. Open the Figma file (you will need an account)
  3. Hit duplicate & start editing

It’s that simple. Oh, and did I mention you can collaborate live on these with others?



Filip Stollar

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